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Medical Imaging in the Cloud

Posted on: July 27th, 2012 by admin

Cloud storage and cloud computing have become common buzzwords in recent years, with Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Apple’s iCloud among the most […]

Is MRI Ready to Replace X-rays?

Posted on: July 20th, 2012 by admin 1 Comment

Five years ago Dr Christiane Kuhl and her colleagues at Aachen in Germany published a landmark paper in The Lancet where they advocated the use of […]

CapeRay Gets its Wings

Posted on: July 13th, 2012 by admin 2 Comments

Imagine you have developed a new diagnostic system, a portable device that monitors a patient’s blood pressure and transmits the information to […]

An Ounce of Prevention

Posted on: July 6th, 2012 by admin

People often ask: What can be done now to prevent cancer in the future? Around the world we have seen […]