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Two months ago we mentioned that work had started on a marketing brochure for our dual-modality Aceso system and emphasised it was essential to convey a message that is not only believable but authentic. Well, the brochure has just been completed and is now ready to be sent out in both electronic and hard copy formats. Creating an eight-page document has required the contributions of a range of people.

First there were the images. We engaged the services of a professional photographer, Sally Wellbeloved, who capured photos of Aceso being put through its paces by our mammographer, Norah Mabota, with a volunteer model, Deidre Ehrenreich. In addition to the photograph (seen above right), we also required high-resolution photorealistic images of Aceso rendered on the computer (seen below left). These were generated by John Harverson and the late Kirk Cooper using the 3D modelling software package, SolidWorks. The narrative for the brochure was provided by Kit Vaughan, while the design and layout were created by Amy-Jean Hahndiek who had previously designed the CapeRay website.

Amy-Jean employed CapeRay’s well-established brand identity for the brochure. First, she used the Gotham typeface – the font that apparently played a significant role in Barack Obama’s successful presidential campaign in 2008 – for all the headings. Second, she made extensive use of our theme colour – periwinkle – that was inspired by the colour of our Aceso system. Finally, Amy-Jean employed our logo that was designed around a circle, a universal symbol of unity and female power, with our dual-modality concept of X-rays and ultrasound represented by the overlapping arcs and inward facing waves. You can click here to open up an electronic version of the brochure in a separate tab.

In his narrative, Kit describes the power of dual-modality imaging – the simultaneous acquisition of full-field digital mammography (FFDM) and automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) images – and reviews the literature, including our own recent publications in Clinical Imaging and Diagnostics. The five major benefits of Aceso are highlighted, as are some of the advanced features such as the use of an iPad to capture patient details, to prepare the system for image acquisition, and to review the FFDM and ABUS images. In addition, we introduce a new product – the AcesoFusion diagnostic viewing station – and of course no brochure would be complete without the technical specifications (click on the image at right).

With the release of our brochure, we are now ready to market Aceso and AcesoFusion, both here in South Africa and elsewhere in the world.

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  1. “We are now ready to market Aceso and AcesoFusion, both here in South Africa and elsewhere in the *world*.”
    It has been a long, long journey! Congratulations, Kit, the mammography *world* is your oyster!

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  3. Kit Vaughan says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback, Ian – much appreciated!

    I will give you a phone call, Louella, to discuss pricing and reimbursement.