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Ultrasound Helps Find More Cancers

Posted on: November 13th, 2015 by admin

An important study emanating from Japan has just been published in the British journal The Lancet. Known as the Japan Strategic Anti-Caner […]

Two UK Clinical Trials

Posted on: July 31st, 2015 by admin

Two journal articles emanating from the United Kingdom have recently been published and both have important implications for the role […]

The Future of Screening?

Posted on: April 24th, 2015 by admin 2 Comments

The University of Copenhagen issued a press release last week in which Rasmus Bro, a professor of chemometrics in the Department of Food Sciences […]

Density on the Agenda Again

Posted on: January 30th, 2015 by admin 1 Comment

The February edition of the American Journal of Roentgenology was published earlier this week and there was a special focus on women’s imaging, in […]

Screening for Disease

Posted on: January 24th, 2014 by admin 3 Comments

“The object of screening for disease is to discover those among the apparently well who are in fact suffering from disease. They […]

ABUS is an Acronym to Remember

Posted on: July 26th, 2013 by admin 2 Comments

Over the past 18 months we have explored the applications of ultrasound for the detection of breast cancer. In hand-held ultrasound the quality of […]

Elastography and 21st Century Palpation

Posted on: February 10th, 2012 by admin 1 Comment

Medical imaging, in its purest form, provides a window on the internal anatomy of the human body. If there is a lesion, […]

Sensitivity and Specificity: At What Cost?

Posted on: February 3rd, 2012 by admin

When judging the success of any screening programme, two statistical measures need to be considered: sensitivity and specificity. But what are these […]

False-Positive Mammograms Can Lead to Anxiety

Posted on: October 21st, 2011 by admin

Imagine this scenario. A woman receives a postcard informing her that it is again time to have her annual mammogram, […]