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Posted on: February 17th, 2017 by admin 6 Comments
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This past Sunday evening, the Royal Albert Hall was the venue for the 70th annual British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards – the Baftas – that are the United Kingdom’s equivalent of the Oscars. The winner in the Best Animated Film category was Kubo and the Two Strings, a fantasy about a Japanese boy who explores “profound ideas of rebirth and destiny rewritten, like origami paper sheets refolded into another form.” Animated films tell powerful stories, and the world of commerce has much to learn from the world of entertainment.

In a blog published late last year, we described how animations bring ideas to life as we embarked on the production of a 3D animated film in mid-December to highlight the benefits of Aceso. We contracted with an Indian company called Advids to produce the 2-minute video and this past Wednesday we signed off on the project that was funded by our award from the African Innovation Foundation. Our video has been uploaded to both the Vimeo and YouTube channels, and can be viewed by clicking first on the play button and then entering full screen mode.

The creative team at Advids first worked on the script that was based on a PowerPoint presentation previously delivered by CapeRay’s Kit Vaughan to radiographers. The team’s first challenge was to condense a 30-minute presentation into 650 words that could be delivered in just two minutes. Next, an appropriate narrator for the voice-over was selected, while the background music chosen was “The Medical”, a track that provided an inspiring and uplifting clinical atmosphere.

Another challenge for the animators was to build a 3D model of Aceso that could be located in a scene and then viewed from different vantage points. CapeRay provided Advids with detailed engineering drawings of Aceso created by our industrial designer, John Harverson, who had employed the SolidWorks design package. The results, we hope you’ll agree, are stunning as Aceso comes to life! Of course, it’s the message that really counts, and we worked diligently with Advids to explain how a system that combines full-field digital mammography (FFDM) and automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) in a single platform can benefit patients, radiologists and healthcare funders alike.

At CapeRay we are delighted to launch the 3D animated video of Aceso, our dual-modality system for the early detection of breast cancer. While it may never win a Bafta, we are optimistic our video will garner widespread attention.

6 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Well done CapeRay – a really clear message in the video that is readily accessible to the general public too.

  2. Well done CapeRay team.

  3. David Dent says:

    Brilliant informative video! (and apparatus, of course…)
    Well done CapeRay!

  4. Ed Blignaut says:

    Congrats Kit and CapeRay – another huge step towards the global market. I am sure the vast majority of viewers will readily follow and accept the production readily as thoroughly modern, comprehensive and convincing. Being a little slow on the uptake the diction was a bit fast for me and I would have to replay this a few times to follow the silky voice. I fully understand the constraints in bringing this down to 2 minutes!
    Well done
    Ed Blignaut

  5. Andrew du Toit says:

    Looking great!
    Will you be exhibiting at ECR?

  6. Kit Vaughan says:

    Hi Andrew B, Ard, David, Eb and Andy du T
    Many thanks for all your positive feedback — much appreciated!
    I agree with you, Eb, that the diction was too rapid fire but I was unable to persuade them to change that. Besides, they were charging us by the minute!
    We will not be exhibiting at ECR, Andy, but maybe next year!