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NeoLogica, founded in 2002 by a small group of engineers, specializes in the design and development of advanced software solutions in the medical imaging field. Located in the province of Savona, 75 km west of Genoa, Italy, the company is best known for its flagship product – RemotEye Suite – which offers full DICOM compliance, web-based architecture, cross-platform compatibility, and supports a wide variety of devices. NeoLogica has just released RemotEye Suite version 3, consisting of five modules: RemotEye Viewer, LocalEye Viewer, RemotEye Lite, PACSConnector and Exams Portal.

Marco Sambin, co-founder and managing director made the announcement: “Finally, after three years of continuous work, we are proud to announce the availability of the new-generation RemotEye Suite v3 which is, without doubt, the most innovative and news-rich release in the history of this product. Every single software module has been radically improved and enriched in features. We took our 20 years of experience and put them all into the design and development of this new version. We are really satisfied with the result we have achieved, and we believe that you, as a customer and user of our product, will be as well!”

The RemotEye Viewer is an independent web-based application and supports all DICOM files across a range of imaging modalities, including computer tomography, plane X-rays, digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging. Features such as multi-planar reconstruction and 3D volume rendering (seen left) are standard, as is cine playback. Toolbars can be configured by the user, there is support for converting various file formats (e.g. JPG and PDF) into DICOM files, while custom reports can be created in web browser windows.

One of the doyens of breast cancer screening is Dr László Tabár who had this to say on his educational website: “We have redesigned our Advanced Multimodality teaching courses and will use a wonderful Italian program called NeoLogica RemotEye Viewer. We simply love this program because we have found it most useful in training physicians who want to specialize in breast imaging.”

For the past two years, CapeRay’s engineers have collaborated with the engineers at NeoLogica to customize RemotEye Viewer so that it supports the DICOM files generated by our dual-modality Aceso system. The image at right illustrates the co-registration of the full-field digital mammogram (FFDM) and the three orthogonal views of the automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) images. Importantly, RemotEye Viewer will also support the co-registration of DBT and ABUS images which, as highlighted in last week’s blog, will constitute an optimal breast screening system.

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